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Flettner air ventilation system

Product Information

This product fits: Isuzu D-Max MK4 (12-17)

This product fits: several products.

 Technically, the Flettner Slimline LPV™ ventilator can be described as a centrifugal exhauster. A continuous and uniform exchange of air is produced by powerful suction ; because it is an air extractor, there are no drafts.

 The principle is deceptively simple: mounted on a spindle, the extractor fan is driven by an air scoop which catches the air stream created by the motion of the vehicle or the prevailing breeze. Beneath the spinning air scoop are vanes which expel air centrifugally, drawing stale air from below. The construction of the unit prevents the entry of rain, dust and downdrafts. Extraction capacity is remarkably effective and can be regulated by adjusting the shutter.

 The Slimline has been specifically designed for customers who deal with height issues such as roof-racks that need a lower ventilator to fit underneath it. This model has a diameter of 252mm and a height of only 58mm.

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