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USED Pro Roll Roller Shutter for the Ford Ranger T6 Wildtrak

REF: SO303

Product Information

This Roller top is in working order with fitting kit and key but does have a sticky door handle.

The Pro Roll has strong aluminium tonneau covers are essential for keeping rain out of your truck bed, securing your goods and giving your pickup a unique cover.

  • Installation Requires No Drilling – Drilling for drainage
  • Provides Security – Sturdy Lockable System
  • Aerodynamic Design Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Weatherproof – Drainage Fittings
  • Made from Tough Aluminium – Extends Product Life
  • Tailored to the Ford Ranger Wildtrak
  • Black Finish
  • Multi Locking Points

The NEW Pro Roll Roller Shutter is convenient, useful and long-lasting. The spring retracting mechanism can be easily adjusted, the push-button lock is easily accessible and secure, and the integrated pull-strap is advantageous for any Ford Ranger Wildtrak owner.

Our new Roller Shutter is the best on the market and tailored specifically for your Wildtrak, so order yours today.

Internal Ref: 24682

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