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Toyota Hilux MK9 / Revo (2016-2018) Bed Mat

Product Information

This product fits: Toyota Hilux MK9 / Revo (16-20)

The Bed Mat, a simple but effective way to stop goods moving in your pick-up. The durable close bonded hard wearing EPDM/NEO Closed cell foam is ideal for animals and can be used to cover the gap between the tailgate and vehicle which otherwise can be dangerous for animals jumping in and out your pick-up.

The bed mat has an extremely low water absorbsion rate, also with a very good thermal retention quality which helps retain your animals body heat in the winter months. Available in black, which easily hiding any stains. Easy to clean, best achieved using a small domestic jet washer.

Dimensions 1.4m x 1.0m x 8mm (easy to cut down, if required)

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